More winning features
Pick up and run tests from tree view
  • require to know each test id with full path
  • hand work with keyboard
  • most progressive way here is pick test set by TAG's, but theese is not accurate and still need to remember tags
  • when project contains 100-1000+ runnable items all these problems value up
  • require actions to invoke from command line: open, goto dir, type, e.t.c
  • be able to browse you own designed tests tree like structure in web
  • be able to pick up tests for execution in tests tree just from toggling on nodes
  • be able to select available TAGs in listbox and see immediatly the applied selection in tree
  • run custom suite just from click, when items are selected in the tests tree
  • select target environment from list
  • select target browser
Rerun tests directly from errors report
  • test report is finalized after suite execution
  • not able to rerun failed results, blocked with no more actual reasons
  • usually we rerun all suite again and it is extra sufficient
  • or we create custom rerun suite and meet the problem described above
  • able to rerun every test in the report, group of tests blocked by specific reason or even all failed tests just from one click
also can re-execute on other environments!
Load testing
  • frameworks doesn't support trivial mechanism to turn you runnables in a load suite
  • activate load mode and assign how many threads should be doing in loop each selected scenario
  • set duration time and rump up delay
  • push collected value series to metrics report
Metrics report
  • most frameworks doesn't prodive build-in API to collect any metrics data
  • metrics report provided
  • using client API user able to collect any digit data values (especially from load testing)
list of suites under CRON
Tests project online redeploy
  • need to start NEW suite again after each test project modify
  • redeploy test project content by click and rerun test in already executed suite
just click on reload icon
rerun tests after redeploy and check out for new results!
Test flow states report
  • current runner support only basic test report
  • there is no mechanism You able to save any test flow states for later offline view
  • use bali client API to save test flow states (save screenshot flow or other kind of artifacts)
  • create own artifacts builders for custom rendering of their results on html report common view
Save/Edit/CRON Suites
  • suites are stored in big hardly editable xml files, CRON is done by command line tools
  • create/edit/CRON suites from web just in few clicks
  • get http trigger link to use for kick-off in external systems
suites pad view
Collecting different runnable items under 1 project
  • each framework is aimed for exection of self-type runnable items (jUnit, testNG, Cucumber, e.t.c)
  • Create project adapter, supporting all wished list of runnable item types, so final tree will contain all items together.
Export test results to external systems
  • need to convert current result to other format and persist to external storage
  • develop custom exporting plugin and invoke it from suite results page
Construct custom error view
  • you wish to represent you error information in custom way using rich abilities of web
  • implement custom ArtifactBuilders and pass em to error pushing bali client API
  • do custom define on how yours beans to be rendered on html error page view
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